Everyone with a rooted android phone will be very fimilar with superuser,

superuser is a management app which controls which apps can get superuser/root access to files on your device, the creator of superuser ChainFire has asked Superuser fans to create a new logo for the superuser app.

This new logo will become the recognised logo of the superuser platform and will become popular with many android device users :)

if you would like to create a new logo for superuser it must conform to the following rules set by Chainfire:

- I reserve the right to veto any icon I really don’t like, or doesn’t fit with the rest of the application
- Participating means you give up any copyrights and royalties and such for the icons you submit
- The icon should be clearly identifyable at 48×48 pixels
- Please stick to the current Android colors. Blue definitely has my personal preference, as it matches the program accents. Resize and place your icon inside the app’s screenshots to make sure it fits color-wise
- You might also want to look at Android iconography (and the rest of the Android design section, really)

You must create a ZIP file containing the icon in the following sizes in PNG(+alpha) format:
- 18×18
- 24×24
- 36×36
- 48×48
- 72×72
- 96×96
- 512×512

You may email that ZIP file to icon @ chainfire.eu

Do not include your PSD file – send that one when you actually win ;)

Chainfire also said all entries will be taken into consideration :)

Source:  XDA developers